CCGS Sameul Risley by Irwin Seidman

CCGS Sameul Risley © Irwin Seidman

Owen Sound, Ontario – Friday January 13, 2017 – The Canadian Coast Guard Ship Samuel Risley arrived in port today to clear ice and make way for the arrival of the John D. Leitch (Algoma).  Originally scheduled to arrive in Owen Sound earlier in the week,  the Leitch’s arrival was delayed while the Risley was temporarily called away to the north channel of Lake Huron.

Risley & Olympic by Irwin Seidman

Risley & Olympic © Irwin Seidman

Crew from the Samuel Risley confirmed that the ship will dock overnight and with clear a path for the Leitch which is now scheduled to arrive early tomorrow morning.

CCGS Samuel Risley & Algoway by Irwin Seidman

CCGS Samuel Risley & Algoway © Irwin Seidman

The John D. Leitch will lay-over in Owen Sound for the winter, while the Risley is expected to leave port sometime tomorrow afternoon.

Algoma Algoway in the Port of Owen Sound by Irwin Seidman

Algoma Algoway © Irwin Seidman

(Also in Port is the Algoma Algoway and the MS Chi-Cheemaun.)


More about the CCGS Samuel Risley: “The Canadian Coast Guard Ship Samuel Risley joined the Canadian Coast Guard Central and Arctic Region fleet in the fall of 1985. During most of the navigational season, the Samuel Risley operates out of the Canadian Coast Guard base in Parry Sound, Ontario.

The Samuel Risley, named after the first chairman of the Board of Steamship Inspectors, was the first Type 1050 vessel commissioned by the Canadian Coast Guard.

The vessel is highly efficient, as it is equipped with controllable pitch propellers, bow and stern thrusters and twin rudders, all controlled by a microprocessor. The ship can be moved in any direction by a slight adjustment of the joystick steering system. All of its equipment has been designed for quick start-up, making the Risley very effective in search and rescue operations to which, like all Coast Guard vessels, it can be assigned when necessary.

During the navigation season, from late March to late December, the Risley’s primary duty is tending aids to navigation in the Canadian waters of the Great Lakes. This includes placing and removing floating buoys by means of a crane that can handle four motions simultaneously. The ship also has a standard offshore vessel anchor-handling and towing winch.  Other aids to navigation duties include servicing radio and radar beacons,  and lightstation re-supply and maintenance.

During the winter months,  CCGS Samuel Risley breaks ice from Port Colborne, Ontario to Thunder Bay, Ontario. The Risley can move steadily  through ice up to 33 inches thick.”

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